The Such & Such: March Edit

The Such & Such: March Edit, a round-up of our favourite products this March. Each month we put together a monthly edit collection, just like the one below, to highlight the different products and items we have on the website. Just as a side note, if you are looking for any Mother's day ideas then our March Edit should provide a few. This month we have included the Such & Such chalkboards, a long term favourite here in the office and at home. Having made it through the worst of Winter and with touches of Spring showing all around we thought it was high time to celebrate with the very popular Champagne flutes by Huta. The new ceramic serving bowls by Etchd are an easy way to add a touch of design to your tableware collection and don't forget the beautiful Runa Pearl Grey throws and the new black walnut butter knives… [caption id="attachment_9453" align="alignnone" width="760"]The Such & Such March Edit The Such & Such March Edit[/caption] The March Edit: Clockwise From Top Left:
  1. Chalkboard, Large & Small from £16,
  2. Champagne Flutes, Pack of 4 £40
  3. Runa Pearl Grey Throw £185
  4. Ceramic Serving Bowl, Charcoal £45
  5. The Big Bag, Black £70
  6. Farmers' Scrub £14
  7. Hula Naked on Gold On Sale, Now £70
  8. Black Walnut Butter Knife £12
  9. Wand Concrete Pendant Light £150
The main image shows the Grey Stoneware Salad Bowl.