Bright.Bazaar - 10 Things I Learned & Loved.....

For Will Taylor, colour is an addiction. Since he started Bright.Bazaar in 2009 he has been documenting his love for all things bright. Earlier this year he launched the first Bright.Bazaar book in the UK and US, which soon became a bestseller and number one in the Styles and Decor category on Amazon. It is therefore no surprise that we were pretty chuffed when he had some nice things to say about Such & Such and our Lou's Big Bag in his weekly post "10 Things I learned & Loved This Weekend". "All kinds of obsessed with new lifestyle store Such & Such. Took my new Tote Bag (made by O.My.Bag in Amsterdam) for a spin on Sunday" Lou's Big Bag Bright Bazaar Click here to read the full post on Bright.Bazaar (Images courtesy of Bright.Bazaar)