Designer Furniture


Furniture makes a house a home. That's why, At Such & Such, we spend our days trawling through the finest, handcrafted furniture. Touchable, sensual materials that draw the eye and feel great to use. Original design flair that retains interest long after purchase. 

From functional must-haves to quirky designs, each piece is made to delight. This is what fabulous furniture should feel like. And you only get this by knowing the story of its creation. 

Designer furniture

Each of our makers spends time choosing the right designs that merge art with functionality. This makes it designer furniture in a very real sense. It gives each item of furniture its own special story. Ultimately, we believe that it should be fun to shop for designer furniture. Rather than getting hung up on a brand, we focus on what makes a piece stand out. 

Reclaimed wood furniture

Recycled wooden furniture can add a rustic flair to your home. From items with a strong, solid industrial feel, to smoothly curved, ornate reclaimed pieces. The history of furniture like this will always make it feel like a most cherished possession. Boxy reclaimed wood tables are one way to make a room stand out. Bring an element of play into your surroundings, with indoor wooden swings fashioned from beech tree plywood in the arty corners of Slovenia.  

Industrial furniture

Industrial furniture feels both dependable and genuine. Nikki Sanders is just one of our UK designers specialising in industrial pieces. Merging characterful designs with solid materials. Crafted with hard wearing, luxury woods and pitted metal. Everything about recycled items like this is one-off. Packed with character, yet contemporary, these industrial-inspired designs will inspire confidence and bring joy for as long as they’re under your roof.