Etchd Home: The Debut Collection From Siblings Julie & Patty

The debut collection from Etchd founders, Julie & Patty, is all about combining good design with handicraft skills that have been learnt over generations. Vietnamese, Australian born sisters Julie & Patty established their homewares brand to showcase their own designs whilst also promoting the long held skills of makers from Vietnam. Each piece of their ceramic collection is made by hand in Hanoi by a brother and sister whose skills have been learned from the generations before them.

We love the subtle crosshatch markings on this beautiful collection of ceramics that give each piece its own individuality. 

Here is what Julie & Patty had to say about setting up Etchd, their debut collection and what inspires them...

Who & what is Etchd Home?

Etchd Home is the brainchild of sister duo, Julie & Patty, who set out to showcase the craftsmanship of makers in Vietnam whilst creating homewares pieces perfect for the modern home.

We work directly with makers in Vietnam who’ve produced our debut etchings range and will continue to work with them to create our own designs and ensure these handcrafted skills are passed on for generations to come. 

How did you get to where you are today? 

With a family heritage from Vietnam we have spent many holidays visiting family and travelling throughout the country and have from a young age collected pieces from our travels, which upon reflection is where our interest stemmed from.

After many discussions at many pubs and help from friends and family, we finally took the plunge and decided on a debut range that would reflect our style and set the tone for Etchd Home going forward.

Where are you based & why? 

We’re originally from Melbourne, Australia but have been based in London for a while and call it home. Having lived in numerous pockets of London, East London feels most like home with its relatable creative energy and community. 

We’ve been very lucky to be part of Broadway Market and trade every Saturday. The market is a supporter of small businesses and we‘ve built a great little network. We couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

What does a typical work day involve? 

At the moment we’re still juggling full-time jobs alongside Etchd Home, so a work day for Etchd Home begins after hours. 

There is the admin side to running your own business including a lot of spreadsheets as well as packing online orders and late night trips to storage units but colour sampling, creating mood boards and getting to see an idea become a tangible piece makes it all worth it.

What is the most exciting thing that has happened since you founded Etchd Home?

When we started out we had absolutely no expectations for what we might be able to achieve so there’s been so many exciting things that have happened along the way. 

One of the first and most memorable was supplying our pieces to newly established restaurant, The Drunken Butler, in Clerkenwell. Owner and head chef Yuma sources a lot of his ingredients from around Broadway Market and also tableware! Our pieces being used as the backdrop to his beautiful culinary creations has been very rewarding.

Who, where and what inspires you?

Our inspiration is drawn from a combination of our Vietnamese heritage mixed with strong design influences from Melbourne and living in London. When we go back to Melbourne, design inspiration is everywhere from commercial interiors to beautiful designs printed on disposable coffee cups. We love eating out, visiting art exhibitions (highly recommend the NGV for anyone planning a visit), design markets and exploring the ever-changing laneways of the city.

What can we expect in the future?

The future for Etchd Home will be expanding our existing ranges. We are also working to create new tableware and homeware collections that remain simple, timeless and reflective of the talents of our makers.

Short questions:

City or country? A little bit of both as we’d never agree on this...One half would say city the other half country.

North or South? South

Beach or Mountain? Beach (the one thing we miss from our former life down under)

Books or Movies? A bit of both

Sweet or Savoury? Savoury

Tea or Coffee? Coffee 

Cat or Dog? Dog

Sketchbook or Laptop? Laptop

Design or Make? Design (our making skills leave a lot to be desired)