Unique Lighting


With the right lighting, any room in your house can feel grand and inviting. Lights, lamps and the fittings that go with them are not just things that live in the realms of practicality. The design and placement of your lighting can have a huge effect on the feel of the room. 

We love all things unique at Such & Such. Our collection of lighting for ceilings and walls is just that. Special, rare and handcrafted. All from selected makers from across the globe. 

Unique lighting

There are your average lights and those extra-special pieces from UK designers. We’re talking about concrete pendants from China with grey concrete bodies and black metal tops. Solid, tangible, slick, and ideal for hanging above a breakfast bar or table. Or concrete and bamboo pendant, simplistic, head-turning and practical. 

This is what we mean by inspiring lighting. It’s tangible, touchable and reassuring.  We’ve even got a collection of designer light bulbs to add some extra sparkle to your home. 

Contemporary lighting

Bringing a contemporary feel to your home is as easy as choosing the right lighting. To get inspired, browse through our selection of designer pieces from across the world. We've got a range of lighting including concrete wall lights and brass pendant light fixtures that have a modern, simplistic design. And bold, dimmable LED bulbs can add the right kind of ambience day or night at the touch of a button. 

Lights for every room

Pendant lights for kitchens, concrete wall lights for hallways, lamp shades and copper or brass podium lamps for tabletops, there’s a light for every room at Such & Such. By paying attention to these smaller details, you can have a huge impact on the homely appeal of your house. So, whether you’re looking for a table lamp, lampshade, LED lights or ceiling lights, we have something to excite and inspire.