Shelves and Storage


Keeping a tidy home can not only offer practical solutions for hiding all those bits and bobs but can also be used to decorate rooms and provide a sense of design in a space. Have you had enough of trying to dig through boxes in the loft to find your summer hats, or maybe you want to show off your collection of limited-edition books? Either way, everyday items can be used as home accessories and add personality to your space with the right storage displays. 


Contemporary shelves and storage

Gone are the days where storage is reserved for cupboards and drawers. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist and clean aesthetic for your home, or a more lived-in converted warehouse feel to a room, shelving and storage can be fitted to make any home contemporary. 


At Such & Such we understand the importance of creating more spacious homes with a designer-eye. That’s why we’ve hand selected a range of versatile storage solutions for every room. From pin-boards and floating shelves to wall hooks and storage baskets, you can ensure every room in your home is organised for a tidy, relaxed atmosphere. 


Organising with shelves and storage

Modern homes make the most of every nook and cranny to stow the things we don’t always want on show, but what about building storage systems that are incorporated into the look and feel of a room? Let your creativity run wild and dress your home in a range of on-show storage options to get those much-loved items out of the cupboard and give them a proper home in your living spaces. 



Do you struggle to find a place to hang your coat or hat when you walk in the door? We’re all guilty of having ‘the chair’ that has taken up post as a coat rack, handbag stow and ‘general collector of things’. Liberate the chair and give your belongings a real home in your hallway. Wall hooks are a great solution and can easily add appeal to an otherwise pedestrian space. Alternate heights use a range of colours or focus on chunky wooden styles to add a functional feature that doesn’t compromise on design.


Home office

Whether it’s the kids' school and sports roster that’s got you losing track of the when and where, or you need somewhere to display your latest moodboard for inspiration, home office storage can help you get organised and keep on top of life. Create a family calendar, store tickets and keep memos safe on pin-boards, or peg inspirational pictures and notes to a wire memo-board for a minimalist option that compliments any room.


Bedroom and living rooms

Looking for a way to decorate plain walls without overdoing it on art and prints? Floating shelves might just be the answer. Unlike conventional bookcases and shelving systems, floating shelves leave your space looking uncluttered while adding a little personality to your room. No matter if you’ve got trophies in the kid’s rooms or vases and a beautiful collection of photo books in the lounge, these are the modern update on the old corner unit.