About Us

Such & Such is an online store offering a carefully curated selection of original homeware and lifestyle goods. Passionate about design, quality and craftsmanship, we seek out designers and makers creating original products that are well made and have a timeless aesthetic. The goods we discover are more than just the physical result of their makers work, there is an intangible value and a personal connection that can only be appreciated when their story is heard. We interview each of our designers and makers to uncover the provenance of the products and share their stories to turn items from simple objects into cherished belongings that you will keep for a lifetime.

We source unique, well made, beautifully designed products

We tell the story behind our products and makers through our online Journal, Designer & Maker interviews and our magazine

We work hard to provide great customer service. Whether working with an individual customer, an interior designer or architect’s firm, every customer is important to us. We want you to be thrilled with your Such & Such purchase and the service we provide.

Our Story

We launched in August 2013 and it has been an exhilarating journey ever since. Six years on, our drive and enthusiasm to make Such & Such a great design store and a place for people to find a carefully curated selection of beautiful, unique and well made goods continues.

We are a brother and sister with a shared passion for design and a desire to build a business with values and quality products that we believe in. We grew up in the beautiful Peak District and go back whenever we get the chance. Both of us had careers before, Alastair as a lawyer and Nikki as an artist and designer but we both found ourselves increasingly unsatisfied with our work and searching for a new direction. Having always been design conscious and interested in people and how things are made, a design shop concentrating on the stories behind the products and the designers creating them seemed like a perfect fit.

We are now based in Essex and Northamptonshire respectively, from where we run Such & Such and live with our expanding families. As the business has grown so have our families and now with five gorgeous girls between us and Frank, the dog, there is never a dull moment.

Our Ethos

Our Ethos

We believe in carefully choosing the everyday items we decide to surround ourselves with and put in our homes. These items should be admired and held on to. Our aim is to champion products that have been thoughtfully designed and made with rigorous attention to detail by talented craftsmen who have thoroughly considered the materials they use. At the same time we want to enable people to feel more connected to the items they use and appreciate their value by telling the story of the products we discover through our Journal and Makers’ stories.

The throw away culture of modern consumerism is concerning and wasteful. Products are often not made to last and are not treasured due to a lack of quality, cheap materials and the disconnect between maker and consumer.

Mass production has its place for some goods but not ours. We believe in original design and products made by skilled and passionate makers who have honestly developed their talents through hours, days and years of dedication to their craft.

We want to consider who made it, where it was made and under what conditions. We are inspired by creative individuals cleverly using new and old materials, traditional techniques and innovative technology.

Since we launched Such & Such we have met a great number of individuals who are passionate about what they do and whose work we feel very honoured and excited to share. We have visited the studios of designers and workshops of ceramicists, woodworkers, bag makers, spoon carvers and quilt makers. In each of these places we have learned something new, gained a better understanding for the process involved and the diligence required to create beautiful well made products.

Our desire is to continue to uncover the work and skill involved in the designing and making of such goods and to share this with our customers through Our Makers’ stories and online Journal.

The Environment

The Environment

We believe strongly in protecting our environment. As a result, we source products that are made to last and not intended to be discarded after minimal use or changes in fashion. We seek out designers and makers that are conscious of the impact of their products on our environment and take this into consideration when designing their products, choosing materials and production methods.

Kaaita create the felt used to make their brilliant storage bags from recycled plastic bottles. The O My Bag leather laptop sleeves and wallets are made from leather, which is produced using far less harmful chemicals in the tanning process, than is normally the case. The Lane by Post lampshades are made using no plastic components, making the lampshades entirely recyclable and biodegradable.

Many of our woodworkers use either repurposed, reclaimed or FSC certified wood to make their products. Every pair of wooden sunglasses made by Proof Eyewear are produced using the finest sustainably sourced wood available.

Our Magazine

We met Art Director, Charlotte Heal in October 2014 during our first pop up at the Truman Brewery and we are thrilled that this chance meeting eventually led to working together on our first ever printed publication.

Issue One came out at the end of 2015 and was an extension of our online Saturdays & Sundays posts for the Journal. Based around the theme of “the weekend”, the issue included pieces on potter, Jono Smart, recipes for the weekend from Alice Hart’s cookbook “The New Vegetarian”, ideas for a weekend away in the Peak District and a look at the old craft of quilt making, to name but a few.

Producing the magazine was an adventure in its own right and enabled us to work with some very talented individuals, from photographers, Lulu Ash, Cat Garcia and Jim Marsden to those who allowed us to disrupt their quiet making time to learn more about their process and craft. Work has begun on Issue 2 which will be out later this year...

Our Magazine

Our Journal

Our journal

Our online Journal is a place for us to share discoveries and interests. We love finding wonderful interiors or architectural gems to write about, or bringing you brands we admire, recipes we love, restaurants to try, music we enjoy and tales of our travels. Our weekly Saturdays & Sundays posts provide a little inspiration for those precious weekends.

Our Extended Team

Over the past three years we have had the pleasure of working closely with some great people and have now built a team of talented creatives.

Bread Collective have been with us since the start, designing our website, branding and helping us turn empty spaces into great looking pop ups. Vino Creative are the fantastic tech team that make sure everything works. Charlotte Heal has inspired and designed our magazine. Last but not least Jim Marsden and Kalina Krawczyk are the talented photographers that make it all look so beautiful.

Click below to watch a short film - the time we went to visit one of our designers
Reiko Kaneko in her studio...