Stylish Contemporary Tableware


Luxury tableware will make any meal feel like a real occasion. Whether you’re hosting guests or settling in for a cosy dinner for two, the right table accessories will add a final flourish to your dining room.


Everything in Such & Such’s tableware collection has been selected to create that unforgettable ambience. More than that, though, each item has been lovingly crafted by talented designers, sourced from around the globe, whether you’re shopping for small wine glasses or a wooden butter dish. So, you know you’ll be getting a true original with a story behind its creation. 


Contemporary Tableware

A contemporary edge to your table decorations will add a point of interest to any dining room, especially if they are both original and beautifully made. Our makers are based far and wide, across the world. Everything they design is unique, but what they all have in common is a dedication to their craft, and this makes our contemporary tableware extra special.


You could be serving coffee with a beautiful little hand thrown white stoneware milk jug, set alongside an eye-catching amber glass French press cafetière. Wooden kami mugs direct from master artisans in Japan are another piece to add to your collection. Or, finish off your table arrangement with simplistically beautiful natural linen napkins and stoneware crockery.  


Modern Dinner Sets

Getting a complete dinner set will tie up any loose ends to the look and feel of your dinner table. Not just reserved for special occasions, if you can bear to bring out the best for everyday meals, you’ll feel completely spoiled, and absolutely at home with your handpicked, original modern dinnerware.


Charcoal ceramic serving bowls and platters made from stoneware in East London, complete with ceramic tumblers, all etched individually by hand could feel like your perfect stoneware dinner set. Or maybe minimalist stoneware serving platters and dinner plates, sleek and oval with a glossy finish could be more your thing.


Unique Glasses and Mugs

Imagine pre-dinner drinks in tall, sleek glass individually blown tumblers made from durable Borosilicate glass, angular champagne flutes and wine glasses inspired by geometric shapes of the ’50s and 60’s, or huggable stoneware mugs in a mix of colours. Everything in our glass and mug collection has been selected to give you both the magic and the practicality that brilliant design blends for everyday objects.


Even better, because many of our glasses and mugs come as part of wider dinner sets, you can complete a look for seamless design from pre-meal to post. Touchable, noticeable for all the right reasons, and exquisitely crafted, they are statement pieces to cherish.