Q&A with SLOW Design Studio Founder, Luke Rose

We are really pleased to introduce the Slow Podium lamp to our lighting collection. We are rather smitten with this gorgeous Brass lamp, you simply touch the base to switch on and adjust the brightness. The lamp was designed by Luke Rose with the squirrel Edison cage bulb in mind and the finished design is simple but striking.

Based in North East London, SLOW design studio was established by Luke in 2015, who wanted to develop and produce his own designs. Having worked for a number of lighting design practices Luke says “What gradually dawned on me was that lighting design presents very few limitations, a light fitting of some sort must be incorporated into the design but beyond that the possibilities are almost limitless.”

Luke also felt, like a lot of UK designers now working today that it was important to support UK Manufacturing in the production of his designs and therefore wherever possible Luke looks to have his designs made right here. The Podium Lamp for instance is produced by a metal spinning workshop based in the Midlands which was founded in the 60s.

We caught up with Luke and asked him a few questions about SLOW design studios and his podium lamp design…

How did you get to where you are today?

I studied Industrial Design at Bournemouth University, and since graduating in 2010 I’ve worked for several design companies predominantly in lighting design. I’ve always wanted to produce my own designs and I started SLOW in 2015 as a platform for this.

Where are you based & why?

I’m currently based in London, its good place to be to promote and get exposure for my design work and for SLOW. There’s also a growing designer/maker community here which means you meet lots of people who are working for themselves and doing similar things. Although this means there is perhaps more competition it is reassuring to see other people who are in a similar situation to you, or are perhaps in a position that you can aspire to reach. I think there is also a wider appreciation for design in London compared to in other locations, if you just take the number of design stores in London it vastly outnumbers anywhere else in the UK.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently developing floor lamp and pendant lamp versions of the Podium Lamp.

Can you tell us all about the Slow Podium lamp design?

The drive for the design came from seeing so many vintage style filament bulbs in shops, bars and restaurants which seemingly had very little thought going into the lamp holder or lamp base. I wanted to create a cohesive design which included a filament bulb and considered the base and bulb as a whole design. My original design actually featured a porcelain base but I switched to brass for its more luxurious finish and also it lent itself better to the Art Deco references in the design of the base.

The Podium Lamp is a stunning table lamp featuring a brushed, spun brass base, a vintage Edison squirrel cage bulb and a black silk covered cable. Designed and made in the UK. £150

Can you describe a typical working day for you?

My days are usually quite varied, I’ll normally start by reading and answering any emails I have then spend a few hours on developing new designs. Then I might be doing anything from assembling lamps to updating and editing my website and increasing number of social media accounts.

What is the most exciting thing that has happened since setting up Slow?

Seeing my design realised in real life, after all the time spent in design and development and overcoming various problems to actually have a finished product that you can hold in your hand (and are actually happy with) is very exciting and satisfying.

Who, where and what inspires you?

I’m inspired by people that have a drive or determination to pursue a particular career or hobby or interest born out of enjoyment or passion rather than for financial reward. And especially by people who manage to pursue these things with limited resources or support.

What can we expect in the future?

I intend to expand the ‘Podium’ range with new colours and designs. I’m also hoping to collaborate with other designers/makers on some projects and experiment in other areas of design other than lighting.

What do you use everyday that you wish you had designed?

From all the things that I use every day I would love to have designed the bicycle. It’s a truly egalitarian design that can genuinely improve peoples lives. Almost everyone can learn to ride a bike, they are fun to use and not overly expensive to produce or buy. Anyone can see how a bike works and maintain and repair it themselves.

Tell us what you love to do when you are not working?

I play guitar and sing in a band which is really fun. I watch films, spend time with friends and family and go snowboarding as often as my bank account allows.

City or country? City

Beach or Mountain? Mountain

Books or Movies? Books

Sweet or Savoury? Savoury

Tea or Coffee? Teeeeeeea

Cat or Dog? Guinea Pig

Sketchbook or Laptop? Desktop

Design or Make? Design

A huge thank you to Luke for taking the time to do our Q&A.

Check out Luke’s Brass Podium lamp in our lighting section here