Leather Goods


More than a year in the making, we have created our own range of leather goods. The collection consists of a classic Leather Wallet, a very practical but equally beautiful Long Wallet, a simple Laptop Sleeve and an all singing, all dancing Leather Folio that can carry your laptop, iPad, documents, passport, pens and more. The designs are clean, minimal and functional. All of the leather products are made from top grain vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanning is a natural process that utilises the organic tannins in plants, bark and leaves to tan the hides for around sixty days. It is a traditional craft developed over thousands of year, that takes a long time and a lot of skill.

Whilst this makes the process costly it is the most environmentally sustainable tanning method and it results in rich natural colours, warm tones, a unique and natural look, high durability and strength, that incredible smell of leather and that all important patina that develops over time. Once the leather is ready, the leather craftsmen start work. All of the leather goods are handcrafted in Leon, Mexico by artisans renowned for their skilled leather craftsmanship. Leon is located in the heart of Mexico, in an area renowned for its leather. People in the region have been making leather shoes, bags and other leather items there for decades, which is why there are so many highly skilled leather craftsmen.