Spotted at 100 % Design in September, Kaaita is a new company that Such & Such are working with and we are loving their products. Alenka Repič founded Kaaita ten years ago. An economist by profession, Alenka was bored to death by economic models and phrases like “competitive struggle”, “market capital” and “battle for customers”. Alenka believes that nature and the environment are important business partners, and that there is no greater machine than the skillful fingers of a craftsman.


In her own words, Alenka says, “KAAITA is about dreaming up, making and sending off into the world products with a positive impact, whose stories inspire and lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.


We want to use less and create more. That is why we are interested in the roads less travelled. Details. New, interesting people. Forgotten techniques. We observe nature and copy its style. We eliminate unnecessary waste. We encourage moderate consumption. We avoid routine, mass production and noise.”

You may have seen the large laundry/storage bag by Kaaita if you visited us at The Spirit of Christmas Fair, they were very popular. The bags are created using felt squeezed from recycled plastic bottles and then the felt is sewn together by skilled craftsmen in Alenka’s home country of Slovenia. Simple, stylish and good for the environment, in our books that is great design.



The Hendee extra-large bag is the perfect laundry bag or large storage bag, available in light grey and dark grey with a black interior.



The Hendee large bag, like the Hendee XL laundry bag, is created using felt squeezed from recycled plastic bottles and sewn together by the hands of a skilled craftsmen in Slovenia. The perfect everyday bag, its big enough that you can easily get a bit of shopping in along with your purse and other bits and bobs, or your gym kit together with your laptop, but not so big that feel like you are heaving around half of your wardrobe. The long and durable handles allow you to easily carry the the bag on or across your shoulders, and yet it still looks great swinging from your hand. Available in black or dark grey.

Hendee large bag by Kaaita £30.00





The Torbuschka XL is actually three bags in one, with the biggest of the three bags housing the other two, a perfect trio!  The three storage bags can be used to store firewood, tidy up the toys, newspapers or swallow up another untidy clutter of objects you have managed to create. Available in dark or light grey.