10 Stunning Wall Lights

As mentioned in the recent Journal post "Such & Such Move House..." Nikki and I have both recently moved house and are now planning to revamp our new homes. The house I have moved into has fairly low ceilings and so there are only two locations for pendant lights, instead, there are ceiling spotlights in every room and numerous wall lights. Frustratingly, as we had no wall lights in our London flat and nine pendants we now have seven pendants we can't use and no wall lights. This means that I have spent the last few weeks on the hunt for new lighting. We have not bought any wall lights yet but I have come across some beautiful ones. Typically, some of the lights I really like are very expensive so I am now looking for similar lights that are significantly cheaper. Here are images of some of the lights I have found, if you click on them, you will be taken to the Such & Such Pinterest board for lighting and from there you can track the lights back to the site selling them. Let us know what you think and any suggestions for other wall lights to look out for would be very well received. Here is a direct link to our Lighting board on Pinterest where you can find many other lighting options https://www.pinterest.co.uk/suchandsuchco/lighting/ including the Rotator Shade Brass Cabin Wall Light pictured above which I sneaked in as an extra as I was having difficulty narrowing down to the 10 best wall lights. Balancoire Swing Arm SconceBrass Swing Arm Wall Light Three Arc Vanity SconceLighting - 3 Arc Vanity Glass Coolie Wall Light Glass Coolie Wall Light Bert Frank - Cask Wall Light Bert Frank Cask Wall Light Allied Maker - Globe Sconce Allied Maker Globe Sconce Groove Sconce Allied Maker Groove Sconce Frankfort Articulating Wall Light Frankfort Articulating Wall Light Princeton Wall Light Princeton Wall Light Pillar Bathroom Light-Weathered Brass Wall Light Pillar Bathroom Light-Weathered Wall Light Stem Double Wall Light - Silk Shade Stem Double Wall Light with Silk Shade