10 Great Bar Stools

A couple of weeks ago I wrote the post Such & Such Move House and explained that Nikki and I have both recently moved house. We are now spending any spare moments we have researching furniture, lighting, colour options, fixtures, tiles, fabrics, interiors ideas and more, so we thought it would be good to share everything we find on the Journal. Last week we shared 10 Stunning Wall Lights, this week we are featuring 10 Great Bar Stools. Here are images of some of the bar stools we have found, if you click on them, you will be taken to the Such & Such Pinterest board for Furniture and from there you can track the stools back to the site selling them. Let us know what you think and any suggestions for other stools to look at would be very well received. Here is a direct link to our Furniture board on Pinterest where you can find all sorts of stools, chairs, cabinets, cupboards etc. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/suchandsuchco/furniture/ Hardy Bar Stool in Oak Another Country Hardy Wooden Bar Stool Pelleossa Bar Stool Pelleossa wooden bar stool The Bum Stool Devol Wooden Bum Stool John Vogel Bar Stool John Vogel Wooden bar stool Bassam Fellows Tractor Stool Bassam Fellows Tractor Stools Flat Rattan High Stool Flat Rattan High Stool Wooden Saddle Bar Stool Stool Rejuvenation Wooden Saddle Bar Stool Vintage Leather Bar Stools Vintage Leather Bar Stools Weathered Oak Bar Stool Weathered Oak Bar Stool Kink Bar Stool District Eight Kink Bar Stool