Concrete Interior Ideas We Love

Our love for all things concrete has featured on the journal before. This trend has been around for a long time and still shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon. Concrete was once seen as a material to be used in industrial interiors but it has now made its way into most spaces in one form or another.

We have a great selection of concrete interior products here at Such & Such and are big fans of the material in our own homes.

We take a look at some of our favourite ways to incorporate this very versatile and, used in the right way, warm material into any space. From the kitchen or living space right through to the bathroom, here are some ideas for adding concrete into your own home.

Concrete with a pop of colour

The grey of the concrete makes the perfect backdrop for adding a contrasting colour. A bright splash of yellow, blue or orange would really stand out. Our concrete clock with contrasting orange hands is a great example 

concrete clock

Concrete Lighting

Lighting is a fantastic way to add some concrete into your space. Concrete pendant lights look striking over a kitchen island or dining table. You could also add concrete pendant lights in a bedroom, as bedside lights.

concrete pendants in a kitchenImage via pinterest

concrete bedside pendant lightsImage via Pinterest

concrete pendant lights

For something completely unique you could look at the concrete wall lights we have at Such & Such. These lights look fantastic in person and give off a warm glow of light. They look equally striking on their own, in a row or in another configuration on the wall. 

concrete wall lightConcrete Paired With Wood

Combining wood with concrete makes for a match made in heaven. These two materials, so different in feel and character, compliment each other so well. Concrete adds a coolness to some wood pieces that could possible look a little ordinary on their own while the wood softens the hardness of concrete items, giving them a warmer, less stark appearance.

Our wood and concrete pendants have been hugely popular and come in three different shapes. They look stunning hung on their own or grouped together. 

 wood & concrete pendants

wood and concrete pendants

These simple concrete clocks with wooden hands also work well in any setting, choose from the wall clock or table clock.

concrete wall clock

concrete table clock 

Concrete Shelving & Hooks

Whether it is in your bathroom, kitchen, living room or even a bedroom, these concrete brackets combined with the oak shelves offer a simple yet striking shelving option.

Concrete shelf brackets

We have a number of different concrete hook options, all of which look brilliant in a cloakroom, boat room, entrance hall or bathroom. 

concrete hooksImage via pinterest

Concrete hooks

Concrete wall hook

concrete wall hook

Concrete Plants Pots & Vases

Everyone has house plants nowadays but finding really great plant pots is actually not as easy as it may sound. Having plants inside can transform a room and really add a feature. So pick a cool plant and add one of these polished concrete plant pots and you will be amazed at the difference it makes to a space. Great on any windowsill, bathroom shelf, sideboard or table and for real impact group some together. Just don't forget to water them...

 concrete plant pot

One of our favourite pieces from our concrete homeware collection is the concrete vase. The chunky industrial feel of the vase is in total contrast to the old cut glass vases your grandma had. Combine the vase with some colourful foliage or a gorgeous bunch of flowers and it will create a very striking centre piece.  

 Concrete vase

concrete vase

Concrete in bathrooms

This is a great way to add some simple interesting detail to a bathroom. Our concrete soap dishes look great in any bathroom or cloakroom. You could also add some of the concrete hooks for hanging towels and clothes on, after all, you can never have too many hooks.

concrete in a bathroomImage via Pinterest

concrete soap dish

concrete hooks

Other Ways to Add Concrete

Concrete bookends by the super design team at Bentu Design. These art deco inspired book ends make great gifts or you can spoil yourself. Bentu use concrete, including waste concrete from demolished buildings in the making of the Concrete Bookends.


Concrete Coasters, designed and made by John at Wild + Wood, these contemporary and stylish grey concrete coasters come in packs of four and are handmade in England. 

concrete coasters

concrete coasters

Concrete door stop by Wild & Wood is one of our favourite concrete pieces. The chunky concrete combined with the leather pull make it super stylish and it does a brilliant job of holding those doors open.

 Concrete doorstop


We hope you have seen how concrete can be added, in many different ways, into a space. If you are interested in the different concrete products we have at Such & Such, don't forget to take a look at the full range in our Concrete Homewares section.