Design Ideas And Inspiration For The Bathroom

We are currently knee deep in bathroom design decision making, what tiles, basins, showers etc, so we thought it would be a great time to take a look at some design ideas and inspiration for the bathroom. As you may know if you read this journal regularly, both Alastair and I moved houses the summer before last. After living here for over a year we have just began renovations on our house. Thankfully, unlike our last home, where all the walls and all the floors came out and we had to re plumb and have all new electrics, this house is hopefully going to be a little less disruptive but still a big job and these things are never easy!! Exciting yes, easy, no. Personally I don't think bathrooms are the easiest rooms to sort out and I was trying to work out why. It is partly that there are lots of different elements but in my case I think it is actually because the style of bathroom I like is not easy to source and because I have decided I have quite set things I like and don't like in a bathroom. All these are just personal likes and dislikes, some of which I probably could not even explain. I have no problem working out the layout in a bathroom my issue arises when I try to source the individual elements... If I am struggling with a design issue my first port of call is always pinterest. What did we do before pinterest? It is a great starting point when you are renovating or redesigning a room and want to clarify in your mind what you love. You start to get an idea of what you like and what you don't like and then you can narrow things down and let the fun begin... So I thought I would share some of my favourite bathroom inspiration images from pinterest that I have been looking at over the last few weeks as well as some top tips... As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and if you have any tips, then send them our way...

Bathroom Inspiration Via Pinterest:

Bathroom inspiration via pinterest Country Road living sink design sponge Bathtub tub & sink bathroom trough sink French by design Mark-Lewis-Interior-Design-Hoxton-Square-loft-blue-and-white-bathroom-Rory-Gardener-photo-16-1466x1955 Bathroom ideas & inspiration via pinterest Black shower enclosure Double sink Remodelista Mad about the house bath Bread & Olive Tumblr Vincent van my domaine All the images above have been sourced via pinterest and can be seen on the Such & Such Bathroom Pinterest Board, if you require more details.  

Top Bathroom Tips:

  1. If you can and it is not always possible, try and get some natural light into a bathroom.
  2. Make sure when ordering tiles that you have an idea of how they are installed, do they need sealing and what with?
  3. Always make sure you add 10% extra to your tile order, especially if you are ordering any reclaimed or handmade tiles as you don't want to run out and find you can't get them any more or the next batch has a slightly different colour. Any excess can usually be used for a splash back, so they won't go to waste
  4. Think about where you will put things in the bathroom. Can you build a shelf into a shower space or will you buy something to put your bottles and soap on?
  5. As above, you need to think about where the soap and toothbrushes/toothpaste will go near the sink. If the sink sits on a vanity case/cupboard or shelf then you may be ok but if you are tight on space you may need to consider putting a shelf above the sink area or having a wall attached soap dish.
  6. Hooks, hooks hooks, great in a bathroom, especially one without much space. Great for towels, clothes and even wash bags.
  7. Make sure you have decent lighting, there is nothing worse than trying to put make up on or for the boys, shave in a dimly lit bathroom.
  8. A good mirror can work wonders.