Design Inspiration: Sarah Delaney Design

As you are no doubt aware, we are rather keen on a Pinterest board or two. We find it incredibly helpful when working on interiors projects, creating moodboards or simply to get a boost of design inspiration. However, unlike a magazine, I think that it can be all too easy to gather inspiration on Pinterest without knowing where it has come from. When you see something in a magazine you are either reading the article or an image catches your eye and you look to see what the article is about and who is to credit for whatever it is that has caught your eye. In contrast, when I see things on Pinterest, I often pin them to one of our boards without taking the time to read the accompanying text or click on the image to get the source. Maybe this is just me and I should take more time to see where it is from, I don't know.... Anyway, the point of that spiel was that I recently discovered that I have been greatly admiring the interior design work of Sarah Delaney for quite some time, without even knowing it. There are some pins/images that I just adore, they continue to pop up on our feed regularly and every time I see them I think 'wow, I love that'. I clicked on one these such images the other day (Image below) and subsequently "went down a rabbit hole" as my wife would say. This basically means I started looking at something which lead to something else and something else and something else and then suddenly you realise an hour has passed and you have not come up for breath. As you have probably guessed by now, on this occasion that "rabbit hole" was Sarah Delaney's website. Once I had started to look through Sarah's website I realised I had seen, admired and pinned quite a large number of images showing her work. There are a number of interior design projects featured on Sarah's website and below are just some of the images showing her fantastic work. When looking through Sarah's website, one of the things that struck me most, was the feeling of calm and serenity. I can only imagine that to sit in one of the rooms by Sarah Delaney is incredibly relaxing, I hope you enjoy these images and end up going down a bit of a rabbit hole yourself. Crescent House Sarah Delaney Design Crescent House Sarah Delaney Crescent House Kitchen Sarah Delaney Design Bathroom sink tub Country House II Sarah Delaney Interiors Sarah Delaney Interior Design Notting Hill House Sarah Delaney Notting Hill House Sarah Delaney Interior Designer Sarah Delaney Interior Design Project Country House I Sarah Delaney Sarah Delaney Interior Designer Gloucestershire Cottage Sarah Delaney Gloucestershire Cottage Sarah Delaney Interiors Cottage Sarah Delaney Gloucestershire Cottage Town House Sarah Delaney Townhouse Sarah Delaney Town House Interiors Pool House Sarah Delaney Interior Designer Sarah Delaney Residential Interior Design Sarah Delaney Interior Design Sarah Delaney Interiors Designer All images courtesy of Sarah Delaney Design