In The Kitchen: Gifts for Foodies & Chefs

It is time...finally we can mention Christmas without feeling guilty. This is the first of our gift guides we will doing over the next few weeks and we have some fab presents to suit everyone. In the kitchen is our Christmas gift ideas for the foodies & chefs out there. Remember we wrap everything at this end too... Gifts for the Foodies & Chefs Linen Aprons  Every keen cook or chef needs a great apron and our new Linen Aprons fit the bill perfectly. Made from 100% Irish Linen and featuring antique brass sliders and a front pocket in the shape of our logo, these aprons are simply stunning. The main body of the aprons are beautiful heavyweight navy linen and the contrasting neck and body straps are in oatmeal. The aprons are the work of Enrich & Endure, a company founded by brother and sister Sarah and Lorcan Quinn with the vision of reviving their local linen industry. Their aprons are now worn by top chefs and craftsmen and they have collaborated with restaurants, cafes and bars all over the UK. Enrich & Endure's ethos is pretty simple - quality materials, longevity, local craftsmanship and top-class design. [caption id="attachment_7662" align="alignnone" width="760"]blue_linen_apron_x760 Our new 100% Linen Apron by Enrich & Endure.[/caption] Stylish Kitchen Storage These beautiful, Ayasa storage containers by Tiipoi are handmade in Bangalore, India. The hardwood lids are made from hand-turned Sheesham wood. Great for dry storage, with a food-safe silicon seal to keep contents airtight they make a fine addition to any kitchen. Available in copper, brass or grey and in two different sizes, 0.5l and 0.75l. Tiipoi is a London based lifestyle brand that was founded in 2013 by Spandana Gopal. [caption id="attachment_7663" align="alignnone" width="760"]brass_copper_storage_containers Brass & Copper storage containers with wooden lids.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7661" align="alignnone" width="760"]ayasa_grey-storage conatiners Stylish grey kitchen storage containers with wooden lids, available in two sizes.[/caption] Handcarved Wooden Cooking Spoons A classic round-headed wooden cooking spoon for everyday use. These wooden cooking spoons are hand carved from locally foraged walnut wood using an axe and a knife and then finished with linseed oil and beeswax. The character of the grain and the rich colour of the walnut wood, combined with the quality of craftsmanship evident in the making of these spoons means they are truly stunning. The cooking spoons are handmade in England from locally foraged wood by EJ Osborne of Hatchet & Bear [caption id="attachment_7664" align="alignnone" width="760"]Handcarved wooden cooking spoons by Hatchet & Bear Handcarved wooden cooking spoons by Hatchet & Bear[/caption] Cast Iron Pans Treat them to the best equipment with one of these cast iron pans. Choose between the Casserole, Saute or Frying pan. Made using the highest quality materials and time-honoured techniques, each pan is sand cast by hand and finished with a specially formulated matt black vitreous enamel inside and out. Originally developed for use in commercial kitchens, the specific properties of this high-quality enamel finish improve the cooking pot's resistance to thermal shocks and scratches, making the pan virtually indestructible. These oven-proof casserole dishes come with a ten-year warranty from Crane, are suitable for all hobs, including induction and have ergonomic power grip handles. The pots and pans look fantastic, are easy to clean and scratch and chip resistant. Crane is a British design company that specialises in professional cookware that is made in France. [caption id="attachment_7665" align="alignnone" width="760"]Cast Iron Pans by Crane Cast Iron Pans by Crane[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7666" align="alignnone" width="760"]Crane: Cast Iron Pan Cookware Crane: Cast Iron Pan Cookware[/caption] Do Preserve & Do Sourdough The perfect stocking filler for any budding bakers or preservers.

Do Preserve- Make your own jams, chutneys, pickles and cordials.  Combining their experience as cooks, caterers, foragers and farmers, three friends bring you the essential guide to preserving. With techniques and recipes handed down through the generations and deliciously inventive recipes from their own kitchens, you’ll soon learn: 

- Basic principles and methods of preserving - Equipment and ingredients you need to get started - Best preserving agents to use: sugar, vinegar, alcohol, oil and salt - Over 80 stunning recipes from Green Tomato Chutney to Strawberry Gin Fizz

Let the slow art of preserving become your new favourite pastime – and delight in having nature’s most vibrant flavours and colours in your kitchen

[caption id="attachment_7667" align="alignnone" width="760"]Do Preserve & Do Sourdough by The Do Book Company Do Preserve & Do Sourdough by The Do Book Company[/caption]

Do Sourdough- One of the oldest yet simplest, tastiest and most nutritious bread you can make, Sourdough needs only flour, water, salt – and a little time. But what if time is the one thing you don’t have?

In Do Sourdough, Andrew Whitley – a baker of over 30 years who has ‘changed the way we think about bread’– reveals how the slow fermentation that’s key to real sourdough can happen while we’re asleep or at work. And by using his simple and fuss-free method, everyone can make this wonderful bread at home. Discover: - The basic tools and ingredients you need to get started - How to create – and refresh – your own sourdough starter - Delicious recipes for basic loaves as well as sourdough pizza, ciabatta, crumpets and more - A 7-day plan for the bread you don’t devour immediately Wooden Chopping Boards Take a look at our lovely range of wooden chopping and display boards, these make fantastic presents that will be used again and again. The Nordic Boards below are thick walnut wood chopping boards that have been handcrafted using a single piece of solid walnut. One end of the board has been embellished with fire, giving it a distinctive black colour, and the whole board has then been finished with linseed oil and beeswax. Due to the beauty of the boards they make fantastic serving boards, platters or cheese boards, as well as chopping boards. The boards are handmade in England from locally foraged wood by EJ Osborne of Hatchet & Bear. [caption id="attachment_7668" align="alignnone" width="760"]Nordic Walnut Chopping Boards by Hatchet & Bear Nordic Walnut Chopping Boards by Hatchet & Bear[/caption] Pinch & Put Pots  For those who love to serve their food with the most beautiful accessories. These beautiful pinch and put pots are handcrafted by craftsman Luke Hope of Hope In the Woods and designed in collaboration with Such & Such. Available in two sizes and crafted from dark walnut wood, the shallow pinch and put pots are perfect for holding salt and pepper. To see more of Luke's work click here [caption id="attachment_7670" align="alignnone" width="760"]Handcrafted walnut pinch & put pots by Luke Hope Handcrafted walnut pinch & put pots by Luke Hope[/caption] Copper Mixing Bowl The most stylish mixing bowl they will ever need. The Loha bowl is a pure copper bowl that is designed to be used as either a mixing bowl or serving bowl. Beautiful and practical, the completely food safe bowl comes with a lid that can also be used as a serving plate, and has been finished with beeswax. The Loha Copper Bowl by Tiipoi are handmade in Bangalore, India from spun copper. Tiipoi is a London based lifestyle brand that was founded in 2013 by Spandana Gopal. [caption id="attachment_7672" align="alignnone" width="760"]loha-bowl-tiipoi-storage-containers-x760 Copper Mixing Bowl & Serving Plate[/caption] Ceramic Storage Bottles Originally designed for beer these ceramic growlers are a brilliant unique gift. Use them to store oil, water, or any liquid you choose. They look great and are a functional, minimal design that will make a beautiful feature on your table or kitchen side. The ceramic growlers are available in two sizes, 64oz or 32oz, and two different finishes, matte black or gloss white. Slip-cast by hand with a stoneware clay body, the necks are carefully trimmed on the potter's wheel for the tightest of lid fit, keeping whatever you choose to store in it super fresh. [caption id="attachment_7673" align="alignnone" width="760"]Matt Black 32oz Ceramic Growler Matt Black 32oz Ceramic Growler[/caption] Natural Linen Tea Towels Contemporary natural linen tea towels by British designer Gail Bryson. Made using 100% linen these natural linen tea towels have been hand printed with either white or black coloured stripes creating a subtle and stylish design. Great for everyday use, the natural linen tea towels are a simple and beautiful addition to any kitchen and a great present. [caption id="attachment_7674" align="alignnone" width="760"]Natural Linen Tea Towels hand screen printed by Gail Bryson Natural Linen Tea Towels hand screen printed by Gail Bryson[/caption] The Salt Piglet A great present for any Foodies & Chefs, The Salt Piglet is the perfect table companion for those that like a bit of salt in their life and are fed up with the daily grind of your usual salt mill. The Salt Piglet is a stoneware pot that you can fill with salt and sit proudly on your table or kitchen top, ready and waiting to cater for all your seasoning needs. It comes with a little maple wood salt spoon which is the perfect size to spoon out the necessary salt. Handmade by ceramicist, Tom Butcher in his studio on the shores of Loch Long, Scotland. [caption id="attachment_7675" align="alignnone" width="760"]The Salt Piglet by ceramicist Tom Butcher The Salt Piglet by ceramicist Tom Butcher[/caption] We hope the above has provided some inspiration and solved some problems of what gifts to buy the foodies & chefs out there. Expect more Christmas gift ideas coming next week on the journal.