Perfect Storage: The Kiondo Baskets

While decluttering Marie Kondo style is the new big issues still remain a problem for most of us. Finding good storage solutions is not always easy or at least storage solutions that do the job and look great too. Personally, we are always on the lookout for great storage options and so we were thrilled to discover the Kiondo baskets. These baskets are durable, versatile and easy to care for and they can be used to tidy all those magazines, logs, towels, kids toys and random bits & bobs. Obviously if you have decluttered Marie Kondo style you won't have any clutter to store anymore...right!! As we said these are the perfect storage containers for just about anything, they look great and they will have you organised in no time at all. If you are interested in reading how the Kiondo baskets are made then head over to our journal post in our Designer & Maker section, where you will find our Q&A with the Minna & Mari, the two Finnish designers behind Mifuko. Mifuko is the brilliant company working to create these baskets in conjunction with women in rural villages in the Machakos county of Kenya and in doing so, providing the women with a very important additional income to help support themselves and their families....their story is really worth a read. Need some ideas on how to use these baskets then check out our visual guide below: Mifuko_April2015_©uupi_008 Perfect for logs, newspapers & magazines Mifuko_April2015_©uupi_013 Mifuko_April2015_©uupi_036 Mifuko_Kiondo_baskets Large & small plant pots. Mifuko_Nov2015_©uupi-33 Mifuko_Nov2015_©uupi-40 Perfect kitchen storage.   Mifuko_Nov2015_©uupi-59 (1) You can pop keys, phones and your wallet in them as you come in the door.  Mifuko_Nov2015_©uupi-65 The Kiondo baskets make great bathroom storage. Mifuko_XS_baskets_2 Mifuko_XS_baskets_7 Mifuko_XS_basketsPlants, herbs, garden utensils. Mifuko toys & pencils x760 Mifuko Toys x760Load them with soft toys, books and all the other kids paraphernalia. Mifuko_Kiondo_Baskets_Group S&S X760 Above is the full range of kiondo baskets available through Such & Such. A big thank you to Mifuko for all their lovely photography.