Searching for paint perfection...

We are currently in the midst of painting the inside of our house. When we bought it, most of the rooms were either painted white with various shades of beige, or covered in horrendous "feature" wall paper. We knew that one of the first things we wanted to do to the house was paint it, to both get rid of the dodgy wall paper and also add some character to a newly built house. As with all house projects, the first thing we started to do was set up a Pinterest board to get some inspiration for colour options. We thought we would share some of the "pins" we found and/or added to our Pinterest board. Hopefully something might catch your eye. Click on any of the images to go through to the corresponding pin on our "Colour" Pinterest board. The first paint colour we are going to mention is "Railings" by Farrow & Ball. Described by Farrow & Ball as a "soft black with blue undertones" and "more blue than black". We have decided to use this to paint almost all of the internal doors of the house and also the skirting, and door frames in the hallway. Railings Farrow & Ball Next up are two paint colours from the recently launched range of paints by Cassandra Ellis. Smoked Green Blue (left) and Aged Black (Right) are two of "the carefully chosen palette of 18 calm, luminous colours providing a quiet, enveloping backdrop for homes... the colours are deeply rooted in the natural world". This range of paint had not been launched when we chose our paint colours but if they had been they would have been contenders for sure. Aged Black and Smoked Green Blue Cassandra Ellis The third mention goes to "Card Room Green" by Farrow & Ball. We painted testers for four or five shades of green but this is the one we ended up choosing for our sitting room. Fingers crossed it turn out okay. Card Room GreenFrom green to grey, the next colour that caught our eye was Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball. Described as "a dark lead grey, that has definite blue undertones to it which deepen the complexity of the finish". Down Pipe Farrow & Ball We plan to put tongue and groove wooden boarding on the lower half of the wall in one of the bedrooms and then paint the wood in a different colour to the rest of the wall. The wooden part of the wall is going to be Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball and the rest of the wall will be Pointing, also by Farrow & Ball. Hague Blue Time for something a little brighter. The colours below are India Yellow and Stone Blue, both by Farrow & Ball. India Yellow and Stone Blue Continuing with brighter colours, the two below are Tuscan Red and Dock Blue by Little Greene Paint Company. I love the Tuscan Red, need to make a change somewhere to get this red in. Tuscan Red and Dock Blue Little Green Paint CompanyWhilst we are keen to use some bold colours, it will be too much to have such colours everywhere, plus a calming grey and classic crisp white look great in the right places. My favourite grey is Pavilion Grey, as seen below. Not sure what specific type of white it is after that but it looks great. Pavilion Grey Paint Colour - White  To finish, here are a few more colours, styles and ideas that caught my eye. Choosing paint colours Paint Colours - Painted Floors Paint colours - Painting Bands of colour Paint Colours - Painting Colour BandsPaint Colours - Using different colours. Pale Mid Aquamarine Little Greene Paint Company