Bread Collective

Over the last four or five months we have been working hard on the final preparations for the launch of “Such & Such”. In trying to put together a brilliant set of products we have been continually searching for and sourcing products. This involves chatting to designers, attending trade fairs and generally keeping our eyes and ears open. At the same time we have been working out all the logistics, dealing with legal issues, delivery companies and basically working out the day to day running of the company. It has been fairly manic but at the same time we have really enjoyed it. As we mentioned in our first journal post, we have been working with a brilliant design agency called Bread. The team at Bread have been helping us and guiding us through the process of logos, branding, designing the website, photography and anything else you can think off. We have really enjoyed working with Bread and whilst we are sure they have been cursing us at times, never once have they let us know. Here is a little glimpse of a lightbox they had made for us, which we are really pleased with. Let us know what you think. Journal-Image_01 Journal-Image_02 Bread is a creative collective that have worked on all sorts of different and very varied projects, one we personally love is “The Walls Have Ears Mural”, a 100 metre long mural about Hackney Wick, which leads to the Olympic Park in East London. Read more about it on their website. Check out the images and video… how cool is this and what a brilliant idea to transform and bring life back into an area.   Journal-BC_03 Journal-BC_04 Journal-BC_05 Journal-BC_06