Cafetières and Teapots for Design Lovers

At Such & Such we like to start the day with a good cup of coffee followed by numerous cups of tea, no doubt far more than is medically advised. Due to our belief that coffee and tea are an essential part to each and everyday, and our love of design, we knew as soon as we saw the Freud Cafetières and Teapots (or Teaballs as they are called by Freud) that we had to get them on our site. We search for products that you will want to keep for a lifetime. The simple and elegant design of these cafetières and teapots makes them beautiful and timeless. Large and small cafetieres and teapots by Freud Designed in England and handmade, the stainless steel cafetières and teapots  will look fantastic in your kitchen, whether they be for use at the end of a dinner party or just as part of your daily routine. Alternatively, they would make a fantastic wedding gift (here a few other gift ideas). The beautiful wooden handle on both the metal cafetière and teapot, designed to create an easy pouring mechanism, makes a lovely contrast to the stainless steel body, further enhancing the aesthetics of these tableware items. Stainless Steel Cafetiere and Teapot by Freud The large and small teapots or "Teaballs" as they are called by the designer, come with a removable stainless steel infuser so that they can be used as loose leaf teapots or with tea bags. The metal teapot is handmade from two separate bowls of stainless steel (created by bashing the metal on a mould), which are then welded together by hand. Once all the parts are welded, the stainless steel is hand polished to remove the welding lines and produce a great shine. The large teapot (£85) is ideal for when there are a few of you enjoying cups of tea together but for those that often make tea for one or two, the small teapot (£72) is the perfect size for use as your own personal teapot. Freud Large and Small stainless steel Teapot The large and small handmade cafetières have a stainless steel french press system, also known as a coffee plunger, to separate the ground coffee and push it down to the bottom of the cafetière when the coffee is ready for pouring. The large cafetière (£78) is ideal for a sunday brunch with friends when there are a few of you that need perking up with cups of coffee. For those that enjoy their morning cup of coffee ritual on their own, the small cafetière (£66) is perfect for use as your own personal cafetière. Freud Large and Small stainless steel Cafetiere handmade Cafetiere and stainless steel teapot