Devol Kitchens & Their Cotes Mill Showroom

This week I paid a visit to Devol Kitchens and their Cotes Mill Showroom in Leicestershire. Devol was established in 1989 by Loughborough design graduates, Philip deVries and Paul O’Leary and the name Devol is an amalgamation of their initials. The Mill was acquired in 2012 and is situated just outside of Loughborough providing the perfect backdrop for the Devol showroom. I have to own up to having a little infatuation with Devol Kitchens. Having long admired them from afar, in other words, via pinterest, instagram etc. my interest grew after seeing their collaboration with Sebastian Cox at Clerkenwell Design Week, so it was a real treat to visit the showroom and suffice to say, it did not disappoint. [caption id="attachment_7900" align="alignnone" width="760"]Devol Kitchen & Their cotes Mill Showroom, Kitchen by Sebastian Cox for Devol. Image via Devol Kitchen by Sebastian Cox for Devol[/caption] A great kitchen is something I really appreciate, this is the room in the house that we spend the vast majority of our time, whether it is cooking, clearing up, escaping the cold of the Such & Such office or just generally hanging out, the Kitchen is where it all happens in our family. Obviously given its function it has to work practically but now more and more kitchens are being extended into open plan spaces, incorporating dining and living spaces. As a result these spaces then need to tick numerous boxes including being practical, comfortable and beautiful which, is a pretty tall order. [caption id="attachment_7901" align="alignnone" width="760"]Devol Kitchens & Their Cotes Mill Showroom Devol Kitchen Design. Image via Devol[/caption] It does appear when you step into the showroom at Cotes Mill, that they might just have cracked those three elements. While I am yet to own a Devol Kitchen and therefore cannot comment personally on how practical the finished designs are, I can see that the attention to detail is certainly there and that in my book is always the first step to great design. The muted tones of their colour palette, the handle choices, the detail of the adjustable internal cupboard shelves, canopy cooker options, worktop options and flooring have all been chosen with the aim of providing just enough choice but at the same time keeping a coherent feel to the finished designs. As a result the final designs are beautiful without being overly complicated...a thing of practicality and beauty. [caption id="attachment_7911" align="alignnone" width="760"]Devol Kitchens & their Cotes Mill Showroom Devol Kitchens & their Cotes Mill Showroom[/caption] Kitchen Showroom sign Main building hall devol Main hall Devol Their expansion from designing and supplying kitchens to also producing a range of ceramics, wooden homeware accessories, bathrooms and more recently some stunning pendants has only added to the Devol look. The short film above shows ceramicist Edward Penn in his studio at the showroom making the Devol range of handmade sinks. [caption id="attachment_7912" align="alignnone" width="760"]Devol Ceramics made on site at Cotes Mill by ceramicist Claire Fowler Devol Ceramics made on site at Cotes Mill by ceramicist Claire Fowler. Image Via Devol[/caption] We would highly recommend a visit to Cotes Mill and a wander around the collection of one-off furniture pieces, ceramics, sinks, tiles and carefully selected range of books, stationary and other homeware and gift items on show. Don't forget it also means you get to see the kitchens in person which is definitely a treat, even if you are not after one... cropped garden room Devol Collage Mirror & books devol Head to Devol via their website, instagram or pinterest links below for more inspiration Devol Instagram Devol Pinterest