S&S Magazine - Issue 2

We are extremely excited to announce that Issue 2 of the Such & Such magazine has arrived from the printers! We have been grafting away on the magazine for months and can honestly say that we are delighted with the end result. We can't wait to show you and get your feedback. We don't want to 'spoil the surprise' so to speak but we thought we would show you a couple of snippets in this post and give you a few more details to wet the appetite. Such Such Magazine Issue 2 For the second issue we have looked at the themes of Siblings and Succession. The magazine contains interviews and articles on a variety of businesses, designers and makers, as well as the work of photographers and writers. One of the best thing about producing the magazine is the opportunity to collaborate with and bring together so many different creatives who's work we admire. It is such a pleasure and an honour to work with such talented people and we are still astonished by what they are able to do. Below you can see some of the stunning photography contained in the magazine and get a brief insight into its contents. We will be featuring more images from the magazine on Instagram over the coming weeks so make sure you follow us (click here) if you are interested in seeing more. Harry and David of Rich Landscapes (Image by Jim Marsden)  The Rich Brothers Wilder Guide Books Wilder Guide Books The magazine was designed by the incredibly talented Charlotte Heal, who has once again done a fantastic job. Charlotte designed Issue 1 of the magazine and it was a pleasure to work with her again. Her dedication, vision and creative input is remarkable. Sarah and Lorcan of Enrich & Endure (Images by Jim Marsden) Enrich Endure Linen Aprons Such Such FARMERS' Welsh Lavender (Image by Jim Marsden) Farmers Welsh Lavender The vast majority of the photography was taken by the photographic magician that is, Jim Marsden. We are over the moon with the results. We love working with Jim, he is always calm, always upbeat and he always produces breathtaking images. We can't thank him enough for his work. Such & Such (Image by Jim Marsden) Such Such Magazine Interview Hope In The Woods (Image by Jim Marsden) Hope In The Woods The writing and editing was done by the fantastic Joanna Peace. Joanna has added her own style to the content and written some fascinating, insightful and thought provoking articles. The Do Lectures (Image by Jim Marsden) Do Lectures All orders placed with us over the next few months will include a copy of our magazine, alternatively you can send an email to hello@suchandsuch.co with you postal address and we will send one out to you. We hope you enjoy it!