Ten Tremendously Tempting Bedside Lamps

When I sat down to write this post I probably had four or five bedside lamps in my mind, I knew that finding the remaining lamps would not be easy but I assumed that I would get a few from trawling through our Lighting board on Pinterest and then it would be a simple case of finding the last couple by visiting a few of my favourite design blogs or online lighting shops. In actual fact I was more than just a little wrong. It has taken me hours to find ten bedside lamps that I really like. The main criteria for the lamps to make the list was that I would happily have them in my own bedroom. There was another criteria when I started out, that of affordability but I am afraid that I had to ditch that as it turns out that finding well priced, well designed bedside lamps was not going to be possible within a reasonable time frame. At one stage I was tempted to ditch the bedside bit too and just go for ten table lamps but I got there in the end and in fact, I actually added an extra one for good measure. However, I think that maybe I should not have been surprised that it took me so long to find bedside lights that I like, as whenever I look for good lighting I have real difficulty. There seems to be a lot of lighting out there, huge amounts in fact, but to be honest most of it I find really quite ugly. Not sure if that is just me or if that is the general feeling out there... Anyway, I will finish with the rambling and get on to the pictures of the lamps as I assume that is what you want to see. It is certainly the case for me that when I am looking at a design blog or article, the images come first and the texts usually only gets read if I loved the images. So, without putting them in any particular order, here we go, Ten Tremendously Tempting Bedside Lamps: 1. Copenhagen SC13 and SC15 by Space Copenhagen Bedside Lamps Brass Glass Bedside Table 2. Magic Lamp and Cocktail Lamp by Colonel Bedside Lamps Magic Lamp and Cocktail Lamp by Colonel 3. JWDA Brass Lamp and JWDA Concrete Lamp by Jonas Wagell for Menu Bedside Lamps JWDA Brass JWDA Concrete Lamp 4. Dowood Lamp S and Dowood Lamp M by Colonel Bedside Lamps Dowood painted Lamps Colonel 5. Dome Table Lamp Perforated by Allied Maker Bedside Lamps - Perforated Dome Table Lamp 6. Oda Lamp by Sebastian Herkner for Pulpo Bedside Lamps by Sebastian Herkner Oda Lamp 7. Podium Lamp in brass and copper by Luke Rose available at Such & Such Bedside Lamps Podium Brass Lamp Podium Copper Lamp 8. Three Leg Lamps in rattan by TineKhome Bedside Lamps - Three Leg Lamp in Rattan 9. Stinson Lamp and Hilo Lamp by Stone & Sawyer Ceramic Bedside Lamps 10. Stone Table Lamps by Norm Architects Bedside Lamps Stone Table Lamps by Norm Architects 11. Bethel Lamp and Delhi II Lamp by Pletz (I absolutely adore these lamps. They are really expensive but WOWSERS they look good.) Bedside Lamps Handmade Luxury Wooden Lights