Knock Knock - Top Ten Door Handles

It has now been three months since we moved house. We love the house and the area, and moving out of London was absolutely the right decision for us. We have spent quite a lot of time looking for various different pieces of furniture (10 Great Bar Stools), lighting (10 Stunning Wall Lights), fabrics, paint colours, wood burning stoves, door handles and more. The only frustrating thing is that we have got lots of ideas and yet so far we have made very little progress. Whilst we didn't intend to take our time, our lack of progress is probably a good thing as our plans have already changed a few times. The benefit of not rushing in is that you actually get to know how you live in the house and where, when and how you use what room. This has certainly influenced what we would like to do different rooms. Anyway, for now there is still dodgy wall paper and bad lighting in almost every room, and three rooms are piled high with boxes. We also have quite a lot of new doors, which we are not that keen on and which all have fairly naff and cheap looking door knobs. We are planning to paint some of the doors and also change all of the door handles from knobs to levers. So, we have been looking into options for new door handles and have put together a list of our top ten door handles. If you click on the images below you will be taken to the Such & Such Pinterest board for Hardware and from there you can track the door handles back to the site selling them. Let us know what you think and any suggestions for other door handles to look at would be very well received. Here is a direct link to our Hardware board on Pinterest Iron Door Handle Modern Wooden Door Handle Brass Door Handles Modern Brass Door Handles Contemporary Brass Door Handles Aged Brass Door Lever Modern Black Door Handles Black Metal Door Lever Blackened Brass Door Handle Buster & Punch Modern Black Door Handles